Herb Hack - Cilantro

Nothing divides people quite like cilantro, but the faithful few accept no substitutes for brightening up their dishes. Its distinctive flavor pushes through and cools off hotter fare. 

Cilantro tempers not only spicy foods, but freshly fried foods as well, creating a soothing sensation amidst piping hot cuisine.

Recipe: Fried Okra and Shallots with Fresh Cilantros

Hot Or Not - Tomatoes

The tomato is a fruit forever being confused as a veggie, and it’s mostly us cooks to blame - after all, we can’t resist balancing more savory dishes with the subtle sweetness of a ripe red beauty. Here are two recipes where the tomato flavors are front and center, letting its secretly sweet fruit flag fly. Take your pick: Hot or Not?

Recipe: Gruyere Pancetta Stuffed Tomatoes

Recipe: Black Bean, Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad