Whisk Takers - Live at NYCWFF

Anolon® is bringing Whisk Takers to the Big Apple for New York City’s Wine & Food Festival now through Sunday, and you’re invited! Enjoy the festivities from the comfort of your own kitchen with our special NYCWFF gallery, where attendees will be sharing their pics from the event. Check it out and get inspired.

Attending the event? Come join us at the Grand Tasting where special guest chef David Bonom will demo (and serve) his New York-inspired Cuban Reuben sandwich. Submit your photo from the event and tag it with #WhiskTakers for a chance to win 1 of 10 Anolon® Advanced Umber Skillet Sets.

Uncovered - Pumpkin Ginger Soup

Made with the unlikely trio of pumpkin, apple, and macadamia, this rich and warming soup provides a nutty undertone you’d be nuts not to love. You can actually substitute the pumpkin with any winter squash. Bonus points are awarded for enjoying it with a nice glass of Cava from Spain.

Recipe: Pumpkin and Macadamia Soup

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Herb Hack - Dill

Dill is useful for more than just pickling - though who doesn’t love that crisp, tangy crunch? Expand your herb horizons and sprinkle some into your next menu. We’ve got just the recipe to do it.

Recipe: Gravlax with Beet Relish & Dill Creme

Elemental Eats - Quinwoah

Quinoa debuted as the darling ingredient of the American culinary landscape not too long ago - but now it’s time to make it as common at the average dinner table as rice or potatoes. Here’s a great recipe you can put in your regular rotation by breaking it down to its basics.

Recipe: Red Quinoa with Peaches and Almonds

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Quick Cuts - Chiffonade

The chiffonade cut turns leafy vegetables into long, thin elegant ribbons. Watch our video and try it for yourself.

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